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Porasto is the leading pension consultancy company specialising in providing services to Finnish pension funds. Porasto is an independent firm, mainly owned by its clients. Our services cover pension calculations, bookkeeping, actuarial services, legal services and other functions covering Finnish pension funds.

We have over 50 years of experience in actuarial and financial calculations, long term estimations and juridical consultancy.

We provide services to set up statutory and additional pension funds. The additional pension fund could either be a defined benefit pension plan or a defined contribution pension plan. Our actuaries can calculate the profitability of different pension plans to assist your decision.

For defined pension plans we offer actuarial valuation, accounting and disclosure according to IFRS / IAS 19 – and US GAAP / FAS 158 – standards. We also provide management of a pension fund, excluding investing funds.

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Timo Nuutinen
(09) 7527 7294